Chris Matthews On Sharron Angle: “I Don’t Want To Compare Her To Hitler, But…”

On Hardball earlier, Chris Matthews was demonstrating how extreme Sharron Angle is by showcasing the infamous clips of the Nevada candidate discussing the “Second Amendment remedies” which could cure the country of its Harry Reid problems. Matthews was correct in saying that there’s really no way of interpreting the quotes other than that Angle was talking physical intimidation, one of the most extreme ways to win any argument. Matthews then proceded to helpfully demonstrate the second most extreme way by (kind of, sort of, maybe, a little bit) comparing Angle to Hitler.

Yes, Godwin’s Law in effect. Here’s the what Matthews had to say regarding Angle’s quote:

“Those are the words. You know, we’ve made the mistake in the past- I don’t want to compare her to Hitler, but, we’ve made the mistake in the past of not reading and listening to people when they’re seeking public power.”

Man, Angle has been receiving quite a bit of name calling this past week, hasn’t she? The question remains: is she a bitch, a Hitler, a bitchler (the terrifying combination of the two), or, perhaps, a candidate riding the wave of attack-caused public sympathy all the way to the Senate?

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