Chris Matthews on Trump’s Backtracking: Anything He Says Will Become ‘Irrelevant’ In Seconds

Chris Matthews says President Trump lies and contradicts himself on such a regular basis that the president’s own words become factually “irrelevant” in a matter of seconds.

Matthews kicked off Hardball by examining Trump’s recent slams against Barack Obama for not stopping Russia from interfering with the 2016 election. This comes after months of Trump calling the Russia investigations a “witch hunt” while questioning whether Russia actually did anything to meddle with the electoral process.

As Matthews discussed Trump’s comments, he wondered whether Trump was trying to insinuate that it was Obama’s fault a foreign power attempted to mess with the election.

“The absurdity of this fella, because he’s been saying there shouldn’t be an investigation because there was no intervention. He’s now acknowledging ‘there was an intervention – I guess Obama should be investigated.’ I swear, Trump can say anything any moment, and it’s irrelevant to the very next moment, I mean, a few seconds later. A nanosecond later, what he says doesn’t matter a second later. His comments don’t make any coherence.”

Matthews also referred to the New York Times‘ recent piece where they listed every single “lie” Trump uttered since he became president.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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