Chris Matthews: Politicians Need To Be Tougher Or Smarter Than The Other Side, Obama Was Neither

Chris Matthews gathered liberal commentators Ron Reagan and Joan Walsh to vent their frustration about President Obama’s‘s hesitancy to proudly champion the progressive agenda. Walsh suggested Obama’s “I’m the best compromiser routine” is wearing thin, while Reagan sadly stated maybe Democrats need to realize they really elected a center-right politician in Obama.

Reagan continued to explain that everyone thought Obama would be a transformative leader, but unfortunately he’s been “unwilling to break the furniture” and really change the system. And both Walsh and Reagan agreed that Obama has tried way too hard to compromise with Republicans when in reality he needs to realize that according to Walsh and Reagan, the main focus of Republicans is simply to destroy Obama.

Matthews didn’t let his guests do all the talking though and he piled on with some of his own criticism, suggesting Obama was no better than a “tackling dummy” in the recent debt ceiling negotiations. Yet the harshest indictment of all may have been Matthews concluding “it seems to me a politician either has to be tougher than the other side or a lot smarter, a lot cleverer, and [Obama] didn’t show either in this last go-around.” Owch, that’s a jab from the Hardball pitcher that is likely to sting the President at least a little.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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