Chris Matthews Gushes To Bill Maher: “Real” Michele Bachmann Is “My Hero…She’s Going All The Way”

Chris Matthews stopped by Real Time with Bill Maher tonight to serve on the show’s panel, and he really likes Michele Bachmann. Her name came up and Matthews immediately referred to her as “my hero,” predicted she’d beat Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire primary, and praised her for being “real.” This is probably where we make a “thrill up my leg” reference.

Fellow panelist Ross Douthat strongly disagreed on the New Hapshire point, but Matthews wasn’t getting swayed. He talked about how Bachmann “stands for something.” While Maher wasn’t overly impressed, calling her “a crazy girl with mean ideas,” even he conceded that Bachmann taking in a large number of foster children was “very admirable.” Matthews took it a step further:

“She has more foster kids than Newt has wives.”

Then, Matthews delighted in saying “dick.” Apparently, he liked being on HBO almost as much as he liked Bachmann. Video of the segment below.

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