Chris Matthews: Republicans ‘Don’t Have A Thrill Up Their Leg’ For Mitt Romney

On Sunday’s The Chris Matthews Show, Matthews humorously recalled his famous Obama quote about getting a “thrill up his leg” and said that Republicans didn’t have that same ‘thrill’ for Mitt Romney. “This week’s Associated Press poll has Romney at his highest so far: thirty percent. But you see there Herman Cain and Rick Perry still have a total 39 percent. Mike, it looks like they don’t have a thrill up their leg about this guy. They’re not excited about this guy, nobody is on the Right. But he looks like he’s creeping up to it seems inevitability.”

Gloria Borger compared the Massachusetts Governor to “the guy your parents always tried to fix you up with.” “At first you said, ‘No, no, no, no,’ but then after you dated for a while, you’re, like, ‘That guy looks pretty good.'” Borger assessed. “So, I think that’s the way Republicans are feeling.”

Matthews was disappointed by this analysis. “So it’s more about his prospects than your love affair with him?” the MSNBC host exclaimed.

“Well, probably in the case of Romney,” shrugged Borger.

“Well, this is very dull! This is dull politics!” Matthews responded.

Watch Matthew’s segment about Mitt Romney below:

And here is Matthews’s previously explaining his notorious “thrill up my leg” quote:


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