Matthews: Republicans Don’t Want Trump Now, But Were ‘Giggling’ at Birtherism

PicMonkey Collage - Chris MatthewsThroughout the media discussion surrounding the backlash Donald Trump has received for his comments, one of the recurring questions has been about why the GOP condemnation is so widespread this time around, but not when he was riding on the back of the birther movement.

During today’s Hardball, Chris Matthews said that the Republican “roar of disapproval” was much more tangible now than it was when they were “[enjoying] the clown act” in which Trump attacked President Obama.

Steve Schmidt said there were members of the GOP like himself and fellow guest Michael Steele who recognized that Trump’s rhetoric was inappropriate then as well, and it agreed reflected badly on the party.

Matthews acknowledged that it wasn’t condoned universally, but noted the party largely “giggled in their backseats” while Trump was using the movement in order to “miniaturize” Obama:

“He bragged about forcing the president, like they stopped him in a car, let’s see your license. The miniaturization of his persona was part of the Republican plan. Everybody loved it when it was working for the party. Now you see the clown act writ large and he’s going after your own people. We shouldn’t have Donald Trump in our midst. Well, you got him.”

You can watch the segment here:

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