Chris Matthews Slams Trump by Praising ‘Tough Guy’ John Wayne: ‘He Had the Guts to Come Out on the Right’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews negatively compared President Donald Trump to late Hollywood superstar John Wayne, saying the actor “had the guts to come out on the right” side of history and supported America de-occupying the Panama Canal.

“Wait a minute — John Wayne, who was the ultimate iconic figure in my generation, John Wayne was in every movie, he was the superstar, Mr. Tough guy, Mr. Marine,” Matthews began after a panelist claimed Trump views politics in a tribal, follow-the-leader fashion. “He said giving away the Panama canal to the Panamanians was a good thing and he had the guts to come out on the right and say that’s the smart move and the American thing to do. Rush Limbaugh, if he he any guts and stood for anything besides audience, he would say, ‘Let’s move on here. This isn’t helping.'”

Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart built on the host’s comparison: “John Wayne stood for something. He had conviction. He had things that he believed in and as we’ve seen time and time again.”

“He had three Latina wives too, he may have been prejudiced,” Matthews said of the True Grit star, adding “just kidding.”

Despite Matthews’ projection of progressive values on the actor, Wayne was actually a self-avowed racist who supported the Vietnam war. He even once told Playboy, “I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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