Chris Matthews’ Son Appears In Aaron Sorkin’s New Series About A Hardballesque News Show

Chris Matthews‘ son, actor Thomas Matthews, will play a producer in Aaron Sorkin‘s new series about a cable TV news show.

This is especially interesting, notes ForbesJeff Bercovici, because Matthews Sr, on whose show the series is apparently based, had agreed to make a cameo, only to have MSNBC ask him to pull out because execs were worried that Sorkin’s show “might present an unflattering view of the network and/or cable news and/or left-wing media.” All this after MSNBC had allowed Sorkin onto the set of Hardball to conduct research for his show.

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But perhaps MSNBC is right to be worried: While the cable new on the series might be based on Hardball‘s format, its main character, played by Jeff Daniels, apparently has more in common with controversial former MSNBCite Keith Olbermann.

But wait! There’s more! Adds Bercovici:

As if all that wasn’t self-referential enough, there’s also a Kennedy connection: Kathleen “Kick” Kennedy, granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy, is also in the cast as another producer. “She’s the partner to Thomas on the show,” says Chris Matthews, whose book about John F. Kennedy came out this week. “They sit together. They’re like bookeends.”


h/t Forbes

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