Chris Matthews: Southern Voters Will Reject Obama Due To Romney Camp’s ‘Effective’ Appeal To Race

MSNBC host Chris Matthews joined the panel where he weighed in with his thoughts on political geography and the racial dynamic of the 2012 campaign. Matthews said that President Barack Obama will perform well around the nation, but will be heavily rejected in the South as a result of Mitt Romney’s racially-charged campaign. Matthews expressed reservations about the state of Virginia, saying he was not sure if the state’s Southern characteristics would be dominant on Tuesday night.

“I’ve watched the appeals made by the Republican side – the right wing side, in some cases – people like, sort of, screwball people making comments about race,” Matthews began.

He said that Obama would do well with voters in the Northeast, Midwest and the West, but he would perform poorly in the South.

“Virginia is somewhere in the middle, but it does have real Southerners there too,” Matthews added. “There’s been a real, I think, bad appeal made around the edges of the Romney campaign on race in this campaign. I do think it’s been more effective in the South than in the North.”

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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