Chris Matthews To Tea Party Congressman: Why Won’t You Admit Half The Debt Came From Bush?

Chris Matthews continued his series of confrontations with Tea Party congressmen as today Republican Steve Scalise stepped up to the plate to play Hardball. Scalise admitted that he will support John Boehner’s debt plan because it “starts the process” and is better than Obama’s threats and tax increases. Yet Matthews and Scalise really tussled over exactly where future spending cuts should be made?

Scalise proclaimed that he wants deep spending cuts in the future, which prompted Matthews to immediately pounce and demand to know where exactly would Scalise start making cuts? Scalise focused on Medicare reforms and then reductions across the board, an idea which Matthews dismissed as “just general talk.”

After repeated claims by Scalise that Obama isn’t even attempting to address the debt, Matthews responded “this bed was on fire when he got in it,” as he argued almost half the federal debt was actually caused by President Bush. Scalise suggested Obama repeatedly blames Bush, but Matthews humorously corrected him saying “no I just did it.” Concluding about the Tea Party, Matthews asserted “you guys defend the rich” and “I’ve never heard you guys” talk about the fact that half of the debt was caused by Bush. When Scalise switched back to blaming Obama, Matthews had heard enough and decided to repeat “ok” countless times until he was able to end the segment.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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