Chris Matthews: Why Is Donald Trump “Going Primate” And Joining The Birthers

Chris Matthews was fascinated with Donald Trump‘s blunt assessment of other Republican candidates and even more perplexed by Trump’s willingness to get “in the ditch” by repeating some of the claims usually heard by birthers. Despite his disapproval of the birther line of thinking, Matthews admitted Trump is a “great salesman” and said “I’m not even sure he’s a Republican.”

Matthews described Trump as a candidate who is “rich, famous and increasingly stealing the spotlight” from the other potential Republican candidates. Guests Cynthia Tucker and David Corn joined Matthews and differed in their opinions on Trump. Tucker was impressed with Trump’s charisma and said Republicans are desperate because all of the other candidates are dull except for Sarah Palin. Corn wasn’t as pleased with Trump, doubting whether anyone should even believe he is actually pro-life.

Matthews on the other hand, liked Trump’s shows, but declared Trump didn’t do his homework about Obama’s background and questioned “why is he going primate” with this “absolute malarkey?”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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