Chris Matthews Wonders Why Republicans Distrust The ‘Mainstream Media’

Chris Matthews asked his Sunday morning panel why Republicans derisively use the term “mainstream media” and whether 2012 presidential candidates could be successful if they avoided engaging with the media? Matthews heard varied responses, but ultimately thought that candidates might come out looking better after a “testy interview” rather than avoiding confrontation.

The discussion revealed that criticism of the media is a result of some on the right believing the mainstream media are “lapdogs to the establishment.” Although Helene Cooper of The New York Times argued even if candidates try to avoid the major media publications, that alone will not stop coverage of Republicans. Bob Woodward, from The Washington Post, thought that now journalists are being tested and the only way for the mainstream media to survive is to consistently demonstrate fairness and neutrality.

Given that the failed campaigns of Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell employed a strategy of avoiding the mainstream media, Matthews was convinced that repeating such a strategy would not be a good idea. Therefore, since Matthews seems eager for “testy interviews,” might this conversation be an invitation from him to all potential Republican candidates to appear with him on Hardball?

Watch the clip from The Chris Matthews Show below:

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