Chris Rock Takes Jab At ‘Romney’s Crew’: Mormons Believed Black People Were The Devil

Chris Rock sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday and, after brief acknowledgment of the impending zombie apocalypse, talked politics. Having already offered up his thoughts on our “zebra president,” Rock took this opportunity to discuss Mitt Romney and his religion.

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Asked how he feels about what’s going on in the world (particularly regarding Romney and President Obama), Rock replied, “What’s going on? Okay, I just heard this the other day. The Mormons, Mitt Romney’s crew, they believed black people were the devil until 1978. I’m not making this up. Right, right, right?”

Fallon and Rock joked abut having to look up Mormons’ “black policies” on “Blackipedia,” before turning to Obama’s economic record. Given the circumstances, Rock said, Obama’s done a good job. Said Rock:

Obama’s had it tough, but Obama is good, man. But to think about Obama, you got to realize, man, first of all, the economy has been getting better every month, for almost like two years. And everybody’s going, ‘It’s not going fast enough.’ It’s like complaining that your team keeps winning by one.

We’re winning, he said. And that’s good. It’s a “clean-up job,” Rock said — and cleaning up a mess properly means it’s going to get dirtier before it gets clean.

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