Chris Ruddy Defends Claim that Trump Considering Mueller’s Firing: WH Never Denied What I Said


NewsMax CEO Chris Ruddy appeared on CNN’s New Day in order to defend the sourcing behind his Monday night statement that President Trump is weighing whether to fire Robert Mueller as special counsel to the Russian investigations.

Ruddy began by standing by his remarks, all while addressing the sharp notice he offered to Press Secretary Sean Spicer earlier this morning. Ruddy acknowledged that he was speaking for himself when he made his announcement, but he noted that the Trump Administration has not explicitly denied the veracity of his words yet, even if Ruddy never talked to Trump about Mueller.

“I think that Sean [Spicer] is doing something unusual and different, which is making a news story where one doesn’t exist…I always speak for myself and not the president, he has his own spokesmen, although I think they are in need of help from time to time. They issued a bizarre press release last night saying that I had not spoken to the president about it. I said, ;hey, I never said I spoke to the president,’ and interestingly enough they never denied my underlying report.

Chris Cuomo pushed back on Ruddy’s criticisms for Mueller by noting that Republicans were praising the former FBI director’s credibility up until recent days. Ruddy re-argued that Mueller’s special counsel status was “illegitimate” because Trump interviewed him for a government position shortly before Mueller was placed in his current role.

Ruddy and Cuomo went on to spar with each other about the necessity of a special investigation when the Congressional probes into Russia’s actions have not been concluded. Cuomo noted that not all of the investigation evidence has been made public yet, and that there are unanswered questions about whether Russia’s actions pertain to people in Trump’s orbit.

The two of them proceeded to debate the past comments about the investigation from Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, as well as James Comey‘s leaking of his own memos to the media. Ruddy criticized the media for their continued focus on a “political diversion” instead of Trump’s accomplishments, though Cuomo shot back that the continued developments over Russia are a newsworthy subject.

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