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Chris Wallace Asks Sen. Dianne Feinstein Why U.S. Is Sending Troops To Uganda But Not Syria

On Fox News Sunday today, Chris Wallace asked Senator Dianne Weinstein why the United States was sending in troops to Uganda when other countries like Syria who have been somewhat in need of assistance have not received any for the U.S.

Wallace asked Senator Feinstein about President Obama sending roughly 100 U.S. troops to Uganda to target the Lord’s Resistance Army, and if she supported the move. Feinstein was quick to point out that the action was taken as a result of a resolution that was voted on during the previous presidential administration. She described in somewhat vivid details the actions the LRA has engaged in, but Wallace wanted to know why Uganda was suddenly benefitting from a U.S. presence when there were plenty of other countries forces could have easily been lent to.

“Why send troops there, but we won’t send troops to try to end the slaughter in Syria?”

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Feinstein seemed to be caught somewhat off-guard, and said Wallace’s point was a good one. She framed Syria and Uganda as “two entirely different circumstances,” where one was borne from the Arab Spring and the other has been going on for almost a hundred years, engaging in the slaughter of “large numbers of people.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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