Chris Wallace Battles Jay Sekulow Over Trump Investigation Inconsistencies: ‘Oh Boy, This Is Weird’


Jay Sekulow, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, has had quite the morning today. Sent out to make the Sunday show rounds, Sekulow has used his appearances to claim that even though the president personally claimed that he is under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, POTUS actually isn’t being investigated.

During his appearance on Fox News Sunday, things got pretty heated between Sekulow and host Chris Wallace as Wallace pushed back on the attorney’s convoluted explanations about why Trump is not being investigated.

After Sekulow had begun the interview the way he had his others by stating that Trump is not under investigation, Wallace brought up Trump’s tweet confirming he was being investigated to ask a different question — why is the president going after Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? And, also, does Trump think Rosenstein did anything wrong?

Sekulow responded by saying the president hasn’t said anything about the deputy AG while stating that POTUS is now being investigated by the Department of Justice, leading to a contentious back-and-forth as Wallace pointed out Sekulow just stated the president is under investigation.

“He’s not being investigated,” Sekulow exclaimed, adding that he wanted to be “crystal clear” that they are “not aware of any investigation.”

When Wallace pointed out he had twice said Trump was under investigation, Sekulow stated that he was just talking about the “legal theory of how the Constitution works” and that he’d appreciate it if Wallace wouldn’t “rephrase” what he was saying.

“I didn’t rephrase it,” Wallace countered. “The tape will speak for itself; you said he is being investigated.”

And it kept going on and on like this until finally Wallace figuratively threw his hands in the air, responding to Sekulow saying there’s no investigation after saying he didn’t know if there was one.

“You don’t know,” the Fox News host exasperatedly noted. “Oh boy, this is weird. You just told us that you didn’t know.”

Watch the whole combative exchange above, via Fox News.

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