Chris Wallace Calls Out Brian Williams For ‘Biased’ Death Penalty Question At Debate

Chris Wallace appeared on Friday’s Fox and Friends and assailed NBC’s Brian Williams over his question to Rick Perry about whether he ever struggled to sleep at night over the potential innocence of one of his many executed inmates, calling it an example of a “liberal bias.”

“Would you ask a liberal politician about sleeping at night if they favored abortion or choice? ” Wallace argued. “It is so built into the drinking water, if you will, in some of these liberal outlets that they don’t even understand it happens.”

Anchor Steve Doocy set up the question with a critique by conservative media critic Bernie Goldberg who said that Williams shouldn’t have asked the question, which Wallace agreed with “100%”.

“There were a bunch of questions that I thought that there was a left-wing bias,” Wallace opined. “That’s the only way you can describe it.”

“If you watch that debate, it’s just a different set of questions than they would’ve asked Democratic candidates…I just think there is a bias against conservatives in the mainstream media. I absolutely agree with Bernie Goldberg.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy Fox News:

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