Chris Wallace Calls Out Trump Campaign Adviser: ‘You’ve Got to Answer My Questions and Stop Making Campaign Speeches’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace called out Trump campaign senior adviser Mercedes Schlapp during an interview Sunday for “making campaign speeches” in response to questions he asked.

As Wallace confronted Schlapp on the Trump Tulsa rally size and Schlapp went on a tangent swiping at Joe Biden, he shot back, “Mercedes, you’re shifting to a campaign speech, which is nothing to do with the attendance of the rally.”

He also called her out for “filibuster[ing]” in an answer on the crowd sizes.

They moved on to recent Fox News polling showing Biden leading the president by 12 points, but Wallace honed in on one particular poll results β€”Β one that showed people think “Joe Biden respects racial minorities and President Trump does not.”

“I don’t know how that’s even possible,” Schlapp said as she went off on Biden’s record. “He proudly embraced segregationists. I mean even his colleagues, like Senator Kamala Harris, look, basically accused him of being a racist. He’s one who gave the eulogy at Senator Robert Burr’s — Byrd’s funeral. I mean we can go down the list.”

Wallace jumped in to bring up the president’s own record, noting how Mary Elizabeth Taylor β€” a top State Department official β€” recently resigned in protest over “the president’s comments and actions surrounding racial injustice and black Americans.”

Wallace noted now she was one of the highest-ranking African-Americans in the administration before reading her statement and remarking, “This is a committed Republican saying she doesn’t want to be part of the Trump administration.”

“Well, I wish that Mary Elizabeth would listen to the president’s speech following the tragedy of George Floyd’s death,” Schlapp responded, “where he said ‘healing, not chaos,’ where he called for justice, where he brought in community leaders from the black community to speak with them, to listen to them.”

As she talked about listening to people at their Black Voices Coalition, Wallace remarked, “I’ve got to tell you, Mercedes, you’ve got to answer my questions and stop making campaign speeches.”

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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