Chris Wallace Calls Out Trump Campaign Manager: You’re Not Winning With Women, Hispanics

1thumbOn this Memorial Day weekend, the pickings were relatively slim on the Sunday morning political news shows. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, for example, conducted a lengthy interview with ostensible Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in which the Trump flack tried to spin his boss’ attacks on New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez as a general commentary on the state’s economic performance. Wallace called Lewwandowski out by pointing out that Trump attacked Martinez by name, and challenged Lewandowski’s assertion that Donald Trump “is doing well with women” and is “winning with Hispanics”:

Corey, wait, he’s not winning with women, he’s not winning with Hispanics, his numbers are hugely underwater with both. And on the specific question of this, he didn’t just say “Well, gee, things could be better in New Mexico,” he said, I’m looking at the quote here,  “She, the governor, is not doing the job.”

Lewandowski was unmoved by the facts, but his comments clearly show that the Trump campaign is still mired in the mindset of a Republican primary, rather than a general election in which Trump must expand his appeal beyond the support he has garnered thus far.

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