Chris Wallace Challenges Paul Ryan On Whether ‘Failing To Compromise’ Led To S&P Downgrade

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan appeared on Fox News Sunday ready to scold President Obama and Democrats for not putting forth a specific budget plan, like he had, that could have tackled the debt crisis and avoided a credit rating downgrade. Yet Chris Wallace reminded Ryan that Republicans are not blameless in the reasoning behind why S&P downgraded the rating of the nation’s debt.

Ryan offered his interpretation of S&P’s action:

“It’s because Washington has not got it’s fiscal house in order. And to me, this is just more vindication of our actions. We passed a budget which according to somebody from S&P yesterday would have prevented this downgrade from happening in the first place.”

Wallace shot back, “isn’t that a little like the doctor saying I did the operation perfectly but the patient died?” Ryan laughed, but Wallace continued and reminded Ryan that a major consideration factoring into S&P’s conclusion was the “the failure to compromise” in Washington. Ryan did admit both parties are to blame, but argued that ultimately Democrats are still more to blame since they are the ones “unwilling to reform the programs that are the cause of our future debt problems.”

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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