Chris Wallace Confronts Mnuchin on WH Walking Back Trump Trade War Comments: ‘Which Is It?’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace confronted Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin this morning over the trade war and President Donald Trump‘s comments about it today.

Earlier today Trump seemed to indicate having “second thoughts” about the whole thing, but then the White House put out a statement saying his only regret is not raising the tariffs higher.

“Which is it?” Wallace asked. “Is he regretting how far the trade war’s gone? Is he thinking about holding off another round of tariffs? Or does he wish he’d been even more aggressive?”

Mnuchin said Trump’s comments were “meant to say that he’s determined as ever on this issue.”

Wallace brought up the president’s tweets saying American companies are “hereby ordered” to look for an alternative to China. He asked, “Is the president ordering U.S. companies to stop doing business with China, and if so, under what authority?”

Mnuchin said the president would have the authority to do that but said companies should “start looking” for now. Wallace grilled him along these lines about whether this is a realistic pursuit.

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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