comScore Chris Wallace Confronts Larry Kudlow with Critique from...Larry Kudlow

Chris Wallace Confronts Trump Economic Chief Larry Kudlow With Brutal Trade Critique From…Larry Kudlow

President Trump‘s chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow was confronted on Sunday with a harsh critique of the administration’s current trade policy: Larry Kudlow.

…from three months ago.

About halfway through the above clip, after Kudlow praises Trump’s trade policy extensively, Wallace shows a clip from March when Kudlow was an analyst for CNBC. In it, his view of a trade war with Canada was decidedly less of a defense of Trump.

“We’re already hanging by a toenail on NAFTA. If we have to walk out of NAFTA, or those negotiations totally break down, then this steel thing turns in from a minor irritant to a major calamity for our economy and our stock market.”

Wallace asks him about it.

WALLACE: “Mr. Kudlow that’s where we are now. The NAFTA talks have broken down, the steel tariffs are on. To quote Larry Kudlow from just a couple months ago, a major calamity for our economy and our markets.”
KUDLOW: “Well I hope it works out. By the by–”
WALLACE: “What do you mean you hope, that’s pretty cavalier.”

Kudlow goes on to say he doesn’t think the talks have broken down and that he doesn’t want to be cavalier, saying “these are very serious matters.”

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