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Chris Wallace Grills Gingrich Over His ‘Language Of The Ghetto’ Remark

Newt Gingrich has gotten his fair share of criticism for comments he made in 2008 seemingly referring to Spanish as a “ghetto language.” Mitt Romney released an attack ad highlighting the comment, which he was forced to defend during Thursday’s CNN debate. Chris Wallace confronted Gingrich about the comment on Fox News Sunday today and tried to get Gingrich to clarify what he meant.

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Gingrich argued that he never once used the word “Spanish” in his comments, and the point of his comments was to try and encourage more people to speak English so they can get ahead in the United States. He accused Romney of manipulating his words, but Wallace played the clip and pointed out not only is Spanish one of the most widely-spoken languages in the United States behind English, but Gingrich actually apologized for his comments in Spanish after the controversy first emerged.

But what bothered Gingrich more was that his initial comments were about promoting cultural immersion in America, and that is a policy Romney has himself supported in the past. Wallace read a brief excerpt from Gingrich’s Spanish-language apology, and noted that at no point in his apology did Gingrich deny his comments were specifically targeted at the Spanish language. Gingrich again denied the connection and criticized Mitt Romney for taking his words out of context in such an irresponsible manner.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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