Chris Wallace Grills Obama: Are You Downplaying the Threat of Terrorism?

obama wallaceChris Wallace grilled President Obama on Fox News Sunday this morning over whether he publicly downplays the threat of terrorism to a point where the public is concerned he doesn’t give it the credence it necessitates.

The president first talked about how he’s been fighting terrorism in the right way and took shots at Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over their “counterproductive” ideas.

Wallace pushed further, bringing up Obama once saying more people die in bathtub accidents than by terrorists’ hands and saying, “Bathtub manufacturers aren’t trying to kill us.”

Between him golfing after speaking on James Foley‘s death, referring to Paris as a “setback,” and talking up gun control after San Bernardino, Wallace said many people wonder if the president “worr[ies] about terrorism and feel[s] the threat of terrorism the way they do?”

Obama reiterated what he said in Cuba after Brussels, that terrorists are want to “induce panic, induce fear, get societies to change who they are,” and he’s trying to send a message that America rejects that.

Watch above, via Fox.

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