Chris Wallace Grills Pence for Defenses of Trump: ‘Are You the Cleanup Crew?’

pence wallaceMike Pence today continued the Donald Trump campaign’s pattern of giving extremely confusing and muddled answers on whether that “Obama founded ISIS” comment was serious or sarcastic.

A few days ago Pence was defending those remarks as serious, while refusing to say it himself, and Chris Wallace asked him on Fox News Sunday today if he still believes that, even though Trump has since said he was being sarcastic.

Pence insisted Trump was “being very serious.” Wallace asked him why Trump said it was sarcastic then. Pence said he was making a serious point.

Wallace asked, “Isn’t the sarcastic excuse getting a bit old?” Pence actually responded, “I don’t think it’s getting old at all, Chris.”

And then, minutes later, Wallace just went ahead and asked, “Are you the cleanup crew?”

Watch how Pence responded above, via Fox.

[image via screengrab]

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