Chris Wallace Grills Priebus: ‘How Does Arguing About Crowd Size’ Help the American People?


Chris Wallace grilled White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus over Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s “extraordinary” press conference yesterday that focused quite a lot on inauguration crowd size.

Spicer told off the press for saying that President Trump‘s inauguration crowd wasn’t as big as President Obama‘s, but he also claimed that they had the “largest audience” for an inauguration.

Wallace asked Priebus, “President Trump said in his inaugural address that every decision he makes will be to benefit American families. How does arguing about crowd size do that?”

Priebus said this isn’t about crowd sizes, but about “honesty in the media.” He said, “We’re not gonna sit around and take it.”

Wallace shot back that where honesty is concerned, Trump said two “flat-out wrong” things. He showed photos from both inaugurations and asked Priebus which one is bigger. Priebus argued that the Trump inauguration one was taken before he started speaking.

Wallace called this “a ridiculous conversation” and took serious issue with Trump’s characterization of how big the crowd was.

Priebus complained that the press won’t talk about substance, but Wallace shot back that it was Trump and Spicer’s decision to make the crowd size thing a big issue.

Priebus said, “There’s an obsession by the media to delegitimize this president, and we are not gonna sit around and let it happen. We’re gonna fight back tooth and nail every day, and twice on Sunday.”

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