Chris Wallace: I Don’t Think Voters Will Believe Republicans Who Say They’ll Preserve Pre-Existing Conditions


On Thursday night, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace sat down with Stephen Colbert and discussed the upcoming 2018 midterms.

Wallace began by acknowledging that the volume has been “amped up” on both sides of the aisle since President Donald Trump took office, but pointed out how there have been “important midterm elections” in the past, pointing to the GOP’s takeover of the House back in 2010 and their takeover in 1994. Colbert noted how healthcare was a big factor in both of those elections.

“Strangely this time, the Republicans aren’t running on the economy that much. A lot of them are running on the fact that they’ll ‘save your healthcare,’ that they’ll ‘save your being covered by pre-existing conditions’ when just seconds ago, they were doing everything they could to strip all of that out of the law,” Colbert said. “Are people believing that? Are you — when you talk to people, do they say, ‘Sure, we’ll swallow that?'”

“No,” Wallace responded. “It is a problem for Republicans because they ran on repeal and replace, and repeal and replace particularly weakened the pre-existing condition factor. And, so, Republicans are getting their tails whipped on that subject and, as a result, they’re trying to change the subject and that’s why you see the president talking so much about immigration and the caravan about to invade America.”

“About to?” The Late Show host smirked. “They’re careening toward us at foot speed!”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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