Chris Wallace: It Would Be “Poetic Justice” For Fox News To Get Helen Thomas Seat

FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace weighed in on the possibility of Fox News getting Helen Thomas‘ seat in the White House briefing room this morning with Don Imus on FBN, and with one little comment, started the entire ‘Fox News is a right-wing news outlet’ meme.

Imus caught it – and Wallace started back-pedaling.

“They absolutely should get it,” said Wallace of FNC. But then he got to his explanation:

Obviously she was very far to the left wing and if her seat were to be taken by Fox News it would just be kind of poetic justice.

Oh really? Imus was keyed in. “But what are you suggesting about Fox News then?” he asked, and then Wallace started backing away: “Well, I just realized that’s probably not the way to go on this…we’re fair and balanced. That’s the point.”

After some more back-and-forth, Imus ended with, “By the way, say hi to Roger when he calls you.” Roger Ailes – his boss. Wallace laughed. At least he did this morning.

Check out the exchange (h/t our comments section):

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