Chris Wallace, Jonathan Swan Call Out Trump Team’s Evidence-Free Tale of an ‘International Criminal Communist Conspiracy’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace and Axios’ Jonathan Swan tackled the bonkers conspiracy theory being pushed by the Trump team during Fox News Sunday.

During the panel discussion, Wallace asked Swan about the delayed transition and whether there’s “any push inside the White House” to start it in any way.

Swan said there isn’t because “it’s still regarded as an act of disloyalty to President Trump.”

He went on to note the absurd conspiracy theory being thrown out by the legal team for the president of the United States:

“They are privately distancing themselves from the Rudy GiulianiSidney PowellJenna Ellis legal effort, which now assets that there’s an international criminal communist conspiracy stretching from Venezuela to Cuba involving hacking into voting machines and switching millions of votes. That’s not a widely-accepted theory inside Trump’s inner circle. Even some of his most hardcore loyalists are staying the heck away from that.”

Later on in the program, Wallace went back to this insanity and asked Swan about the Trump team’s efforts to challenge results in several states.

Swan noted the Trump campaign is still sending out fundraising emails insisting they have a path to victory, adding, “I can’t see it and frankly, when I talk to most of the president’s senior advisors whether it be the campaign or the West Wing, they can’t see it either. They are not saying that publicly, of course, but that’s what they do say privately almost universally.”

Swan noted they’re going beyond litigation to “coercion” of Republican state legislatures to, well… “I don’t even know what you would call it, but this is what I referred to earlier, this conspiracy theory that is very hard to follow, but is being pushed by President Trump and his legal team.”

Wallace then played the clip of Sidney Powell last week talking about this vast conspiracy involving “communist money” and Venezuela and Cuba and China and also maybe George Soros and the Clinton Foundation and now apparently Brian Kemp and Bernie Sanders. Swan again highlighted on Twitter after the program how baffling this all is:

Wallace asked Jason Chaffetz, “There is not, congressman, a shred of evidence that any of that is true. Do you have no concerns that this may be damaging the country?”

“I do have some concerns,” Chaffetz said. “They do need to produce evidence.”

Chaffetz did add that he thinks the Trump team does have some evidence on their side.

A baffled Wallace jumped in to ask, “You think there’s evidence of communist money pouring through Venezuela, Cuba, and China to overthrow this election?”

“No,” Chaffetz quickly said. “You’re trying to lump it into just one group. I’m just saying there are lots of fronts on which there are some bits of evidence.”

On Saturday night a judge firmly rejected the Trump team’s legal challenge in Pennsylvania.

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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