Chris Wallace: Kennedy Retirement ‘The Biggest Moment of the Trump Presidency’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace provided several key insights into President Donald Trump‘s thought process for choosing a new Supreme Court Justice now that Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement.

“Without any question, this is the biggest moment of the Trump presidency,” Wallace told Dana Perino Wednesday. “If Donald Trump is able to nominate and confirm a solidly conservative justice and swing it solidly 5-4 conservative, that is going to change the supreme Court and could perhaps for a generation or two. This is a very big deal.”

Wallace brought up a list of 20+ conservative judges which Trump plans to pick his nominee from and said: “I don’t think it will be a surprise. I think whoever it is, [they’ll] be just as conservative as Neil Gorsuch and just as helpful to Donald Trump in terms of giving him a solid conservative majority on the Supreme Court.”

So no Judge Judy then? Cool.

“I just want to make clear how vitally important Anthony Kennedy was,” Wallace later added. “He was the fifth vote on abortion that maintained abortion rights when all the conservatives wanted to either reverse them, repeal them or limit them sharply. He was the key vote on gay rights. Same sex rights. He was the man in fact that wrote those decisions. So replacing him with a solid conservative is enormously important.”

“A Supreme Court nominee could either be a huge legacy builder for a president or it can be very disappointing… which is why the presidents have become very good at being able to choose people and know what kind of a justice they’ll be,” he concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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