‘Why Not?’: Chris Wallace Capped Off His Confrontational Putin Interview With Vacation in Russia


Fox News’ Chris Wallace recently confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin in a contentious interview where he handed the Russian leader the indictment of 12 Russian officials and even quizzed Putin on why so many of his political opponents ended up dead.

Then, after wrapping the interview, he went on vacation to Russia.

The New York Times questioned the seasoned newser on his decision to head into Putin’s own turf given the fact he is probably not one of the Russian president’s favorite people right now.

The NYT reports:

“I had a few doubts,” the Fox News anchor said by phone the other day from St. Petersburg, where he and his wife, Lorraine, were preparing for an evening at the Mariinsky Ballet. “But I figured, Why not?”

Well, one could think of a few reasons. Mr. Putin, after all, does not take kindly to being challenged. But besides being recognized on the street a few times — “Is that the fellow who interviewed President Putin?” — Mr. Wallace said that his travels (and his hotel rooms) had gone undisturbed: “There’s been no sign of any trouble or anything at all.”

Wallace also told them he plans on throwing his Putin interview in President Donald Trump‘s face a bit.

“Am I going to perhaps point out that Vladimir Putin sat down with me, so why doesn’t the president?” Mr. Wallace told the NYT. “Yeah, I’m going to make that argument.”

Watch the interview above, via Fox News

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