Chris Wallace on Trump Declaring Emergency: Maybe He Thinks He Can Tell Base ‘I Did Everything I Could’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace spoke with Shepard Smith this afternoon following President Donald Trump‘s announcement declaring a national emergency at the border.

Wallace noted the previous national emergencies declared by past presidents and said, “It’s a very different thing when you’ve had a debate for years, as we have, over funding a wall and Congress has decided not to give that funding to the president, for him then to say I’m going to declare a national emergency and take that funding anyway. I don’t think there’s ever been a declaration of a national emergency like that, where Congress refused to give the president money and the president took money on his own.”

One political outcome here, he told Smith, is that Trump can still tell his base he’s fought for them as much as he can:

“You could say, as a cynic, perhaps, that he figures, ‘Well, even if this does get delayed by the courts, even if they do give a temporary injunction in the Ninth Circuit out west, I can at least go to my base and say I did everything I could. I signed the bill, I got that money, I’ve repurposed money, I even declared a national emergency. All I can do is fight, as best I can, Congress and the courts.'”

Trump’s action is being met with mixed reactions by Republicans and conservative commentators, with Ann Coulter tweeting yesterday, “Now you know: Trump’s ‘national emergency’ ruse was always just a way to fool the rubes in his base.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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