Chris Wallace: Pelosi’s ‘White Guys’ Quip ‘A Parking Ticket’ Compared to Trump ‘Sh*thole’ Remark

Chris Wallace threw a splash of cold water on a Fox News host’s attempts this morning to equate Nancy Pelosi’s remark about the “five white guys” drafting the DACA bill with President Donald Trump’s reported comments that immigrants from certain countries are “people from shitholes.”

Numerous reports out Thursday alleged that Trump referred to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “people from shithole countries” when bemoaning current immigration policies in the United States — and asked of Haitians if he could “take them out,” in favor of people from Norway.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, quipped in a presser that immigration negotiations are being led by “five white guys,” joking about the burger chain while calling for more diversity in lawmakers working on the DACA deal.

Fox News’s Sandra Smith, speaking with Wallace, declared that “Democrats are not without criticism this morning either, Chris.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s ‘joke,’ I guess, some are saying that it was, didn’t go over so well,” Smith said.

“No, it was a dumb remark,” Wallace said, continuing that Pelosi’s quip is “representative of the identity politics Democrats play.

Nonetheless, Wallace did note that the remark paled in comparison to the reported comments from the president.

“It was a dumb remark, but I gotta say: in all fairness, it’s a parking ticket compared to what the president allegedly said.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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