Chris Wallace Presses Kellyanne Conway on ‘The Disarray Inside the White House’

Chris Wallace pressed Kellyanne Conway on the “disarray inside the White House” and on exactly what the chain of command will be now that Gen. John Kelly is Chief of Staff.

A few days ago, Conway dismissed the “pecking order question,” but on Fox News Sunday, Wallace said, “Respectfully, Kellyanne, I don’t think it is beside the point. An awful lot of people in and out of this White House say the problem is there’s a lack of discipline, there’s an absence of a chain of command, so I’m gonna ask you again: will all of the White House staff report to the new Chief of Staff?”

Conway said that having “pecking order discipline” is a good thing, praising both Kelly and Reince Priebus while saying that the real “chaos” this week was in Congress over health care and not in the White House.

But Wallace brought things back to “the disarray inside the White House,” especially Anthony Scaramucci‘s profane tirade, and asked if the Communications Director has been told––along with others like herself––will report to Kelly too. Conway said she and Scaramucci will be speaking to Kelly about that.

She attempted to pivot to health care again, but Wallace had a few questions about the status of Jeff Sessions first.

Watch above, via Fox.

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