Chris Wallace Presses Swalwell: ‘How Can You Be Considered an Impartial Fact-Finder’ on Impeachment?


Fox News’ Chris Wallace spoke with Congressman Eric Swalwell about the House impeachment inquiry and asked about the Democrats’ strategy going forward.

Wallace first asked if the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi politically weakens the case for impeachment.

Swalwell said, “We expect the president to carry out his duties as president just as President Nixon did when he underwent an impeachment inquiry and just as president Clinton did, and we are going to continue to make sure he’s held to account. This can be compartmentalized.”

Wallace brought up the Republican complaints about closed-door proceedings.

Swalwell defended the impeachment inquiry thus far and pointed to what they’ve learned in the past few weeks about pressure on Ukraine.

“This will move to a public proceeding soon,” he said, adding that “you would be shocked about how few of [the Republicans] actually show up and participate.”

Wallace raised issues of political bias in the proceedings, including from Swalwell in particular. He showed the California Democrat recent comments he made saying, “In America, if you confess to a crime, you still get a fair trial. We have a confession, we have a crime… Whether it’s by the president or those obstructing on his behalf. They’re doing this because this is what the guilty do.”

“How can you be considered an impartial fact-finder,” Wallace asked, “when you seem to have come to the conclusion the president is guilty before you’ve heard a single witness defending the president?”

“Obstructive acts in our law and our system of laws are considered conscious of guilt,” Swalwell said. “When people try and obstruct the proceedings, jurors are told you can use that as a consciousness of guilt.”

He said Trump is entitled to a fair hearing and added, “If this was Donald Trump justice, Donald Trump would be impeached and removed by now.”

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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