Chris Wallace Pushes John Bolton on Trump’s Media Attacks: ‘What Wars Have We Started?’

Fox News’ Chris Wallace pressed National Security Adviser John Bolton to explain President Donald Trump‘s accusation that the press was capable of inciting violent conflict, finding his rhetoric to be over-the-top.

“What wars have we started?” Wallace asked during an interview Sunday.

“I think the issue of press bias has been around for a long, long time,” Bolton said, giving an indirect response to the question at hand. “As a boy, I supported Barry Goldwater in 1964. I thought the press was biased against him. I don’t think it’s changed much since then.”

Wallace agreed there were problems of accuracy in the media, but he felt Trump’s tweet earlier in the day calling journalists sick and divisive was a step too far.

“That’s the president’s view based on the attacks that the media have made on him,” Bolton said, avoiding any rejection of Trump’s hate-mongering statements. “There have been other administrations that have been highly critical of the press as well.”

Bolton recalled President John F. Kennedy‘s cancellation of the White House’s subscription of The New York Herald Tribune decades ago, done out of frustration with the media.

“I think this kind of adversarial relationship is typical,” he concluded.

Watch the full interview above via Fox News.

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