Chris Wallace Snaps At Right-Wing Host For Criticizing Polls: ‘Obama Is Winning’

Fox’s Sunday host Chris Wallace is tired of hearing conservatives criticize recent polls that show Mitt Romney trailing President Obama; and he let radio host Mike Gallagher know that today with a fiery scolding.

Things initially got tense when Gallagher took issue with Wallace characterizing the Romney campaign as “in trouble.”

“Wait a minute,” Gallagher interrupted, “what do you mean ‘Romney’s in trouble’? Where’d you get that from? What, because of the poll manipulation crap?”

That set Wallace off.

“This criticism of the polls is craziness. I actually did some research on this today, which is more than you’ve done,” he snapped at Gallagher.

“No self-respecting pollster,” including Fox, he explained, weighs their polls to even out party identification. He agreed with Gallagher that there is a mainstream media bias towards supporting President Barack Obama and “antagonizing” Mitt Romney.

However, Wallace concluded, “the polls tell a story… Obama is winning. And Romney has got to win the debate.”

Listen below:

[h/t TheBlaze]

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