Chris Wallace Thinks Trump Is Right to Call Comey a Leaker: ‘A Leak Is a Leak’

“WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

That was the Friday morning Twitter decree from President Donald Trump.

The President leveled that charge against the former FBI Director following Thursday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in which Comey admitted to enlisting a friend to leak the content of his memo documenting a conversation with Trump to a reporter.

Friday, following Trump’s White House Press Conference in which he reiterated the charge, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith cast some skepticism on the the claim by sharing the conclusion of the network’s “brain room.”

“First, Comey shared memos when he was no longer a government employee. And second, the information in his memos is not classified,” Smith said. “So technically it’s not a leak.”

But Chris Wallace, a recent vocal critic of Trump’s, bristled at this notion.

“I very much hesitate to go against you and especially, even more so, against the brain room,” Wallace told Smith. “A leak is a leak. If you give information to somebody, if you and I had a conversation and I proceed to leak it to a newspaper, doesn’t have to be classified. And I can be a private citizen, but I’m still leaking what went on and what was supposedly a confidential, if not classified, conversation.”

Wallace cited a regulation which states that an FBI employee is not allowed to share any information gained in that position with unauthorized sources. But the punishment for this crime is that the offender cannot get their job back. As such, Wallace doesn’t see any reason for Comey to worry.

“I don’t think that Mr. Comey is going to be the FBI Director any time soon,” Wallace said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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