Chris Wallace to Dershowitz: Why Have You Defended Multiple ‘Unsavory Characters’ Like OJ, Epstein?


Fox News’ Chris Wallace followed up his impeachment clash with Alan Dershowitz by asking why the latter keeps taking jobs as a defense lawyer for people of ill repute.

Wallace noted that Dershowitz has represented “some pretty controversial figures” over the years, listing off OJ Simpson, Mike Tyson and Jeffrey Epstein. While he acknowledged that all three of those people were entitled to legal defense counsel, Wallace asked Dershowitz “why would you spend your talents defending such unsavory characters?”

“Because the Constitution requires that the most despised people, the most controversial people must get a defense,” Dershowitz answered. “I litigated cases in the Soviet Union and in other places where people who are despised by the public and by the government couldn’t get a lawyer and I decided after being in the Soviet Union I would never allow public opinion to impact my decision.”

Wallace honed in by asking Dershowitz whether he has a “personal opinion” to decide that some people “have a right to a defense, I just don’t want to be part of that.”

“I want to be part of cases were nobody else is willing to come in and do the case,” Dershowitz said. “I want to be part of controversial cases.”

Dershowitz continued to say the Constitution was “absolutely compromised” by President Donald Trump’s impeachment, and he also celebrated winning cases where “often the facts are against me but the laws on my side.” He also said he would continue to defend people regardless of his clients’ guilt or popularity.

Watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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