Chris Wallace to Rick Perry: Aren’t Uninsured Texans Your ‘Responsibility’?

During Chris Wallace‘s interview with 2016 GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry on Fox New Sunday, the show host took a minute to ask the former governor of Texas about his state’s monumentally high uninsured rate. During Perry’s time as governor, Texas boasted what Wallace calls the “highest uninsured rate in the country” as “more than one in five Texans didn’t have health coverage.”

Wallace then put to Perry the question, “Is that looking out for the little guy?” Perry’s response was pure, full-blooded Texan:

If how you keep score is how many people you force to buy insurance, well then I would say that’s how you keep score…

Let me explain what we do in Texas, and this is a state by state decision. We make access to health care the real issue. We passed the most sweeping tort reform in the nation. We have 35,000 more licensed physicians to practice medicine in 2013 than we did a decade before that.

Wallace swings back to whether or not Perry feels any “responsibility” for the state’s uninsured masses, but his guest “sticks to his guns” with his “That’s not how we keep score!” line.

Check out the clip below, courtesy of Fox News Sunday:

[Image via screengrab]

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