Chris Wallace: Trump Can’t ‘Decree’ NYT Turn Over Op-Ed Author, ‘No Court Is Going to Enforce It’


Despite the problems caused for President Donald Trump by the New York Times anonymous op-ed, Fox News’ Chris Wallace today threw cold water on the idea he can simply just demand the Times reveal the name.

Wallace first talked about the Brett Kavanaugh hearings this morning, saying that the Senate “ought to find a way that they can do hearings without being constantly interrupted by protesters.”

He doubted anything happened during the hearings that would actually stop Kavanaugh. The Democrats “scuffed him up” a bit, Wallace argued, but there’s been nothing earth-shattering so far.

Sandra Smith then brought up the anonymous op-ed from a senior Trump administration official that sent shockwaves through the country this week. President Trump has been on a tear the past few days calling the official “gutless,” suggesting the op-ed was treason, and even calling on the Times to disclose the source:

Wallace briefly reviewed some of the speculation going on, particularly Operation Lodestar, though as he rather bluntly pointed out, “lodestar either means something or it means absolutely nothing.”

Smith asked Wallace about Trump demanding the Times identify the author. Wallace said this in response:

“No, they won’t. The President can’t decree it, no court is going to enforce it. And, you know, look, it depends how you feel about Donald Trump. If you think that Donald Trump is good for the country––he was, after all, the duly elected president––then this is an act of utter insubordination… On the other hand, if you think that Donald Trump is a danger to the country, I suppose you think this and other people who are resisting some of Donald Trump’s actions is a patriot. I don’t know that it’s going to change a lot of minds.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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