Chris Wallace Says Trump Testifying Would Be Disastrous: Like Prince Andrew Testifying on Epstein


Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace likened the possibility of President Donald Trump testifying at an impeachment hearing to Prince Andrew “testifying about his relationship” with Jeffrey Epstein, Tuesday, during Fox News’ live coverage of the third hearing day.

After being asked whether today’s hearing changes anything, Wallace replied, “I think today, it all seems to me, when you look at last week you basically got a view from a number of State Department officials who did not, were not inside the White House, who did not have firsthand information, but building a case [of] here’s what happened and here is why it was wrong, and that the president had his foreign policy with his diplomats but then had a separate foreign policy with a bunch of other people.”

“Nothing inherently wrong with that. A president can choose anybody he wants to conduct his diplomacy, but the people who were in the regular channel were very much put off by it. And I think we need to explain why they were put off by it. Their concern was they feel that Ukraine is very important as a bulwark against aggression from the East, from Russia,” Wallace explained. “They’re in a shooting war with Russia, and the concern was that if you weaken support for Ukraine and particularly if you get Ukraine involved in partisan American Politics, for instance investigating the Bidens, that that’s gonna weaken support by Democrats. Similarly, if you got the Democrats were pushing Ukraine to support some of their efforts that that would weaken support from Republicans and they want Ukraine to be above Politics.”

On the possibility of President Trump testifying in one of the hearings, Wallace remarked, “I would think that would be akin to Prince Andrew testifying about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, which one British critic said was like an airplane crashing into an oil tanker, causing a tsunami, that set off a nuclear explosion.”

“It’s an entertaining thing and it’s certainly got us all talking, but my guess is it’s not going to happen,” he concluded. “And if it did it would be a very controversial and perhaps unwise policy by the president.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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