Chris Wallace Went to Great Lengths to Hide Debate Questions from Trump, Clinton


Fox’s Chris Wallace opened up on Friday about the drastic measures he took to make sure that no one knew what he would ask Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the third presidential debate.

Wallace spoke today with the ladies on The View, where he was asked to dish on the behind-the-scenes action in Las Vegas. In light of the news about Donna Brazile leaking questions during her time with CNN, Wallace decided that the most relevant story was about what he and his researcher did while coming up with questions in his hotel room.

Wallace said that the two of them would rip up old question sheets whenever they moved onto a new one, and that his wife ended up taking bags full of torn paper to the hotel pool and use it as a makeshift shredder. Wallace also said he only realized he’d be “herding cats” when he saw how rousing things got when he moderated a practice debate before the main event.

Eventually, Jedidiah Bila asked Wallace for his thoughts about whether it was appropriate for James Comey to release his October surprise over the Clinton email probe. Wallace said the FBI director probably didn’t make “the right call,” though he also opined that Comey should’ve chosen his words with Congress more carefully, and that Clinton bears responsibility for carrying the matter into the election.

The discussion continued into topics such as Trump’s current chances of winning, and the importance of Americans voting no matter the great levels of dislike for the mogul and Clinton.

Watch above, via ABC.

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