Chris Wallace Zaps House Dems For Wanting to Question Barr With Lawyers: ‘A Bit of a Stunt’


Fox News host Chris Wallace accused Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee of pulling a “stunt” by insisting their counsel be able to question Attorney General William Barr, which ultimately deterred him from giving testimony.

“I have to say I kind of agree with the vice president on all this,” Wallace said in response to comments from Mike Pence calling out the Democratic lawmakers. “There is some history of asking staff lawyers but it is pretty rare. It hasn’t happened recently.”

“Frankly, there certainly is the implication it would look and sound like the Watergate hearings where staff interviewed witnesses or the Iran-contra hearings where staff interviewed witnesses,” he continued. “I don’t think it was entirely a coincidence on the part of the Democrats.”

Wallace went on to suggest that Democrats wanted to “make it look like some kind of major investigation” like Watergate by incorporating their legal counsel during Barr’s questioning.

“This is Bill Barr, who was doing nothing but talking about a report which he read which he had nothing to do with,” he added. “The idea that you would need to get counsel to drill down on the Mueller report with the attorney general who just received the report and forwarded it on to Congress, I have to say it does sound and seem and look like a bit of a stunt.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Barr of lying to Congress yesterday, which Wallace responded to by saying that if Pelosi were to appear on Fox News Sunday, he would ask her what she plans to do since the White House has “made it pretty clear that they are not going to turn over a lot of documents.”

He concluded by saying he does not “suspect” Democrats will get far if they try to sue or “arrest the sergeant-at-arms and Congress will go arrest the attorney general,” considering that the Trump administration is resisting their efforts.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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