Christian Activist Shreds ‘Pimps of Evil’ in GOP For Child Migrant Policy: ‘White Evangelical Voters’ Are the Problem


On Saturday, religious reform activist and Christian Frank Schaeffer shredded Sarah Sanders and others in the Trump administration using the Bible to justify ripping apart kids from their families at the nation’s borders.

“You know, what’s going on today is very clearly giving us a dividing line in our culture, and I would just put it this way,” Christians who still support Trump who is separating mothers from babies are now condoning a form of child abuse,” Schaeffer said.

Then, he accused them of not only going against the teachings of Jesus but being downright “Jesus-hating.”

“As a Christian, I can just say I can’t think of anything that would be more Jesus-hating. this isn’t just Jesus-disobeying, this is Jesus-hating,” Schaeffer pressed on, calling out his fellow believers.

He then warned: “So, there are going to be repercussions for the Republican Party that has gone along, like pimps of evil, with this president..They are now defending, as Sarah Huckabee [Sanders] does, the indefensible. Listen, these are not illegal immigrants. These are the children of people seeking asylum as Jews did in the 1930s from Nazi Germany.”

Then driving his point home he slammed white evangelicals for being the root of the problem and called for them to do more than Franklin Graham did when he called out Trump.

“White evangelical voters have become the problem. We put this man in power. It’s up to white evangelicals to do what Franklin Graham did and step up and do more than Frankin Graham did and say this is not only disgusting and unbiblical, it is evil and we can no longer support this president even if we supported him before. This is a line of demarcation. It is the end.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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