Christian Bale Suggests Dick Cheney Invaded Iraq and Tortured People Just Impress his Wife


The lead cast and crew appeared on Good Morning America Monday morning for what ended up being a funny and entertaining yet full-throated promotion of the Dick Cheney biopic Vice (in theaters now.) The titular character is played by the transformative Christian Bale, who has historically gained and/or lost significant weight to play whatever character he is cast in.

During the Q&A Bale and his fellow co-star Amy Adams were asked about the love story between Cheney and his wife Lynn Cheney.

Bale replied, “There is no limit to his love for her,” adding “Unfortunately, you know, there is a very tragic side to that, and in that yes, I have a wonderful partner who I will do anything for, but I won’t go to war or torture people, right?””

Cheney played a crucial role in the invasion of Iraq in the second Persian Gulf War in the pursuit of Weapons of Mass Destruction that were never found. U.S. soldiers tortured Iraqi prisoners of war at Abu Grahib prison, images of which were released and did great harm to U.S. diplomatic standing in the region.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC News.

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