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Christie Answers Criticism That His Keynote Was Aimed At 2016: Media Trying To ‘Create Controversy’

New Jersey’s Republican Gov. Chris Christie, just one day after delivering the Republican National Convention’s keynote address, appeared on CNN with Piers Morgan where he talked about a range of issues. Christie was asked to weigh in on criticism of his keynote, which some have said was aimed at shoring up his prospects for a future presidential bid. Christie said that kind of speculation was driven by a media with “nothing better to do” than “to create controversy.”

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Morgan asked Christie for his thoughts on the range of criticism and praise that has followed his keynote address. “Everybody’s got an opinion,” Christie replied. “It’s what makes America great.”

“My job last night was to lay out what the differences between Republican governance, Republican ideals and Democratic ideals, and what that’s going to mean for the next four years,” said Christie.

Morgan said that many pundits had observed that Christie’s speech was really aimed at his own future presidential bid rather than Mitt Romney’s.

“I don’t know how people can be confused,” Christie shot back. “I don’t think anybody was really confused at the end of the night who was listening.”

“By the end of the speech you had mentioned the word ‘I’ 37 times and the word ‘Mitt’ seven times,’ said Morgan.

“What I was doing was building the case for Mitt Romney,” said Christie. “This is really silly stuff. But, listen, I know that folks in the media have nothing better to do but to do that kind of stuff and they want to create controversy.”

Morgan said he was surprised that he “went quite light” on President Barack Obama. “I went heavy on the case for Republican governance,” said Christie. “I don’t think anybody in America, besides the most left-wing partisans, believes that Barack Obama deserves a second term. What we have the obligation of doing as Republicans is convincing them that we have better ideas.”

Morgan brought up that unemployment in New Jersey has risen under his term in office and asked who he blamed, himself or President Obama. “The national economy has a huge affect ton what happens in New Jersey,” said Christie. He also said that the government has shed employees which creates short-term upward pressure eon the unemployment rating.

“Do you have literally no aspiration to be the leader of the free world,” Morgan asked. Christie said emphatically that he had supported Romney when it appeared that former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum would be the nominee and his support for the GOP nominee should be evident.

Watch the segment below via CNN:

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