Christie Imitates Trump’s ‘Ratings’ Obsession with Megyn Kelly

In preparation for this week’s second Republican debate on CNN, Chris Christie visited Fox News’ The Kelly File and did his best Donald Trump impression for the host.

When Christie argued that “nobody cares” about the “food fight” between Trump and Jeb Bush, Megyn Kelly pushed back. “Why when we put on something with Jeb Bush talking about the economy or Scott Walker talking about labor unions, why doesn’t anybody watch that?” she asked.

Instead of acknowledging that cable news viewers prefer the Trump show over substantive policy discussions, Christie posited that people “just don’t like what they’re hearing from those candidates.”

If, on the other hand, Fox were to air more Christie, the New Jersey governor said, “You’re ratings will go through the roof. Skyrocketing!”

“You want ratings? Christie is ratings,” he continued, channeling Trump. “Rating, Megyn. Total ratings. Big! Very big!”

“How’s that? Is that good?” he asked, breaking character. “I’m trying.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

[Photo via screengrab]

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