Christie on Marijuana Legalization: ‘Never, as Long as I’m Governor’

If you want to get high, move to Colorado. That was the message Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) sent one of his constituents when they called into his monthly radio Q&A session Monday. While other states may be moving closer to legalizing marijuana, Christie said it’s “never” going to happen while he’s governor.

The woman who called in listed off all the reasons New Jersey should legalize the drug, including job and revenue creation, before Christie interrupted her. “Let me just stop you right there,” Christie said. “You say it’s going to come down the road. You know when it may come down the road? When I’m gone.”

To emphasize his point, Christie cited a recent study from The Journal of Neuroscience that claims “even casual marijuana smokers showed significant abnormalities in two vital brain regions important in motivation and emotion.”

“I am not going to be the governor who is going to tell our children and our young adults that marijuana use is okay,” Christie continued. “Because it’s not.

“I don’t care about the tax money that may come from it,” he said. “And I don’t care, quite frankly, that people think it’s inevitable. It’s not inevitable here, I’m not going to permit it. Never, as long as I’m governor.”

Watch video below, via New Jersey 101.5:

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