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Christie to CNN: Unlike Some Other ‘Conservatives’ I Don’t Try to ‘Hide’ My Real Views

Governor Chris Christie spent part of his Election Day Tuesday roaming the streets of New Jersey with CNN’s Jake Tapper, discussing what it is about his political style that is expected to win him a landslide victory over Democratic opponent Barbara Buono. In a question seemingly aimed as much at the 2016 presidential election as today’s gubernatorial one, Tapper asked Christie is he considers himself a “conservative” or more of a “moderate.”

“I’m a conservative, and I’ve governed as a conservative in this state,” Christie said, adding that he thinks that’s what made some of his constituents “disagree” with him. “The difference has that I haven’t tried to hide it, or mask it as something different.”

As an example, Christie pointed to a recent conversation with a woman in a diner who disagreed with him on a specific issue. “I finally just said to her, I said, ‘Listen, if this is your most important issue and the issue you’re deciding on, vote for Barbara Buono, because I’m not changing,'” Christie explained.

Summing up his political philosophy, Christie said, “For most folks, they’re willing to let you disagree with them a little bit, as long as they think that you’re being straight with them.” It was left unsaid which politicians Christie think try to “hide” or “mask” their real views, but it was clear he was setting himself apart as someone who stays true to himself.

Watch video below, via CNN:

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